​This battalion system is outdated. The wikia pages for the new squad and server based system will hopefullly be under construction soon. The 1st Infantry Battalion's purpose is to be the "Sword and Shield" in the field of combat, as they lead the spearhead of all warfare situations. They're led by Major _Player_2_ and Warrant Officers Laithes and K3LLOGSkid, and the recruits are trained by Drill Sargeant Harv0kz. Surprisingly, recruits that never become privates stay dead.

In this battalion, most of the members are either experienced killers, or master tacticians. However, certain members also have useful traits, such as berserking and bloodlust, as well as "trollagandic" warfare (cross betweeing trolling and propaganda). Those that exhibit stronger desires to contruct rather than to destroy are normally recommended repurposed moved to 2nd Battalion.

Certain members of this battalion also exhibit strange behaviour that has been accepted as a trait. Those with this trait are normally called "M1"s, in honor of former general M1_Mercenary, who excessively believed TNT to be the answer to everything, including boredom. In recent times, this could be applied to Josrence44, who accidentally misplaced a coordinate while using a world-editing tool, and crashed the server with a giant pillar of TNT.

Members[edit | edit source]


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