This battalion system is outdated. The wikia pages for the new squad and server based system will hopefullly be under construction soon. The 2nd Engineer Battalion usually builds. The members build bases, quick structures, cool traps and all the other fun structurethings, except for TNT cannons, which are usually built by the 1st Infantry Battalion. The current base on Aggression was built by The Engineers. They're led by Major Britishvampire, Captain Cub_Nake and Warrant Officer Oui230.

Members[edit | edit source]

Major Britishvampire

Senior Engineer - fei345

Captain Cub_Nake

Warrant Officer Oui230

Drill Sergeant Ikroth

Sergeant Smokles

Lance Corporal Legojack261

Lance Corporal Jpev

Private 1st Class Manta326

Private 1st Class Officerthegeek

Recruit kborkowski

Recruit Cpl_strange

Recruit A_Crazed_Hobo

Recruit Sarari

Recruit MrDewy

Recruit Karsonic

Recruit Xygon

Squads[edit | edit source]

1st Squad (Styled after old 3rd battalion)


2nd Squad (Styled after old 4th battalion)


Veteran Squad (Most of thes people will be organized into one of the other 2 squads)

Veteran Cosine

Veteran Omena

Veteran Koppis

Veteran Shapeshiftr

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