1st Infantry Battalion
"Strength and Valor"

Commanding Officers

Colonel Roze Captain Trixion

This is extremely old, for the new first battalion, check out 1st Infantry Battalion

Our main battle force in all PvP situations. They are the forward fighters, the strategists, the ones fighting our battles and wars and defending our interests far from home. A member of the 1st is a hardened soldier, capable of cutting down foes like grass, but despite exposure to the horrors of Minecraft war, retains a strong sense of honor, obeying our principles and protecting our image.

Member List[edit | edit source]

(Highest rank to lowest)

Captain: Trixion

Drill Sergeants: Doc_Scratch and KiSM

Sergeant: Iguana

Corporals: Lord_Aidan, Sirbuo, and Laithes

Lance Corporal 1st classes: CharlesBroughton and Arkaflor

Lance Corporals: K3llogsKid, Ratelslangen, Chaos_Sniper, and Boyofcheese

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