iPope founded the RMM during the first boom of clans in January of 2010. The clan itself is the longest running clan that is still active in Minecraft.

Original Founding[edit | edit source]

iPope created the clan and made the first post on the Minecraft Forums on the 7th of January, 2010. The early months of the clan were handled by iPope on his own, but eventually moved onto sharing command with LuciferZ, whom enlisted on January 9th , 2010.

iPope took several months leave from the clan in returned in the grand summer of 2010 to become active again in the clan environment. At this time, there was turmoil and sour feelings between the enlisted men and High Command due to the percieved lack of activity from iPope. While true, iPope had returned with the intentions of correcting his inactivity and doing what he could to keep the clan pacified. During the summer, LuciferZ left the clan for schooling.

In late December of 2010, it was apparent that there were major issues within the clan, and iPope felt he could not repair the damage without LuciferZ's assistance. Not wanting the clan to fail, and wishing to help, Josrence44 approached iPope at the time to discuss reorganization and changes to the theme and style of the clan to renew interest. This was subsequently shot down when discussed with the Majors and other members, and the ideas were put aside.

The Modern RMM[edit | edit source]

iPope resigned from the RMM on 23 February, 2011. He believed that LuciferZ had altered the clan that iPope had constructed, taking control of it and crafting it in his image, instead of sharing it with iPope. iPope Stated that the RMM was dead and shut down the forums and servers. Roze, a Colonel at the time, took this as his time to fix the clan up back to its former glory. Pulling M1_Mercenary to his right-side, the two attempted the long process of restoration of the RMM's reputation and organization.

Sadly, M1 had resigned at a later date, so a new approach was taken and a 4-man High Command was created. It was made up of Generals Roze and Gielnor, and Colonels Josrence44 and [[Nintendow1].

After a few months of work, a member named Laithes (who had put in plenty of work and assistance in the rebuilding of the clan), was approached during a dire situation and was provided General rank for a week. This occurred in the midst of accusations that Roze was not fit for General. After Laithes had spent the week as General, he promoted Josrence44 to a permanent General position. Roze became a Colonel after discussion with Josrence.

LuciferZ later turned into a massive troll and got himself kicked out of the clan.

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