4th Engineer Battalion
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Commanding Officers

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This is extremely old. To see the new fourth battalion, check out 2nd Engineer Battalion.

The 4th's ranks is filled with architects. Its members can look at what the 3rd provides and imagine great citadels, sprawling cities, projects of such magnitude that other clans will only be able to stare in awe at the RMM's prowess. While the 3rd and the 1st are always at the front, pressing onward, the 4th builds up our homes and territories. The quick and functional forts built for temporary use are transformed by the 4th into grand castles. Members of the 4th combine a skill for tough fortifications with a keen eye for the aesthetic, making structures that are not only functional, but impressive as well.

Member List[edit | edit source]

(Highest rank to lowest)

Major: Tiberrias

Lieutenant: Gielnor

Drill Sergeants: Owl8 and Pulsusego

Sergeant: izacque

Corporal: Soldier C4

Lance Corporal 1st classes: Bluebear and Mr_Poptart

Lance Corporals: Andronicus, MechaMage, Vargon, ProtoZeph, James_Y, Vargon, and Saiko

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