2nd Infantry Battalion
"Protect and Serve"

Commanding Officers

Major Nintendow1 Colonel Roze Captain The Noodle

This is extremely old. For the new second battalion, check out 1st Infantry Battalion

Members of the 2nd are our defenders, our guardians and protectors. They are in charge of defending our homes and the homes of our allies. They are the wall that holds the enemy at bay, the line which no evil shall cross. They serve not just to protect the RMM, but also our interests on other servers. Members of the 2nd are as dangerous as the men of the 1st, but they find the defense of the innocent more important than the defeat of the enemy.

Member list[edit | edit source]

(Highest rank to lowest)

Major: Nintendow1

Captain: The Noodle

Warrant Officer 2nd Class: M1_Mercenary

Master Sergeant: Shadowshot

Drill Sergeants: Cub_Nake and Abberz

Sergeants: Konogan, Medevila, Neechnoob, and Dakry

Corporals: Murdrian and SKBlackIris

Lance Corporal 1st classes: Jadusfrenkis, BulkierBacon, and Rumpefighter

Lance Corporals: Skarred, ProphecyJ58, Darksider, and Megnet

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