6th Victory Battalion
"Victory at all Costs"

Commanding Officers

Marshal of Victory SteGriff, Major Zhatt

The 6th Battalion was once a clan all its own, known as Victory. The first of the Minecraft clans, Victory stood strong for over a year before deciding to merge with the Royal Minecraft Militia as the 6th Battalion. As a battalion, their standards are as high as ever. The 6th cannot be enlisted into, you must prove your worth in the RMM before you can apply for this elite group. Victory Battalion is a collection of architects, dedicated to the rebuilding, revitalizing, and repairing the torn and broken cities left after griefer raids and clan warfare. After great Minecraft combat, the 6th Victory Battalion joins to bring the spark of civilian life back to a stricken server. They are there to pick up the pieces, help the innocent, and remind the people of Minecraft that the RMM exists to protect and defend them. However due to the inactivity of the entire battalion, they are now considered a honoured relic and have been change to ‘Victory Battalion’.

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