3rd Engineer Battallion
"Peace through Prosperity"

Commanding Officer

Major Shapeshiftr

This is extremely old. For the new third battalion, check out 2nd Engineer Battalion.

The battalion that gives us a foothold, a beachhead, or a start point in both friendly and enemy territory. The men of the 3rd are skilled at quick, rough building, and can quickly get us the resources and materials we need to establish a presence anywhere. They can mine, farm, and gather lumber. They are organized, thoughtful men who know how to make a fort from anything. And when desperate measures are required, the 3rd can tear anything the enemy builds to the ground. This battalion is what fuels everything the RMM does with a steady supply of stone and steel, while still capable of beating a griefer to death with a hatchet.

Member list[edit | edit source]

(Highest rank to lowest)

Major: Shapeshiftr

Drill Sergeants: Cosine, Gruezilla, and Koppis

Sergeants: Legojack261, EmpiresBane and AlexDePolizis

Corporals: Nannal, Ikroth, Omena, Unmute, and Ckellingc

Lance Corporal 1st class: Narcisism

Lance Corporals: svansen_floren1, Helleon, Arizon69, Graknorke, Kirkenseth, Jackpot777, Beaumaster, MoonshineMS, and Dementis

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